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May 26, 2020
New app will replicate your favorite shop online. PP360 partners with Zealous Interactive to digitize stores.

PP360 announced today the launch of a virtual store designed for retailers to digitize their storefronts and showrooms. This unique ecommerce tool will provide retailers with detailed virtual environments that captures the look and feel of visiting a physical retail location.

The PP360 3D digital showroom is designed to be a more convenient, interactive, and adverting friendly ecommerce solution. Combining the tactile sensation of physical retail with the ease of online shopping, the virtual store promises to change the way people approach online retail.

The Virtual Store will consist of two main modules, a user controlled, 3D digital showroom and an online shopping apparatus. It combines an interactive, game-like shopping experience with a sophisticated inventory database that can update the showroom floor in real time. Built in the 3D Unity engine, the Virtual Store provides many key features that are lacking in other online shopping solutions. For retailers, this allows them to operate at capacity even during a shutdown and presents new marketing opportunities that are only possible in this new format. On the consumer side, it makes product searching feel more intuitive and enables interactions between shoppers and staff.  

To help them realize this ambitious project, PP360 has partnered with Zealous Interactive. Zealous is a gaming studio based out of Cairo, Egypt, specializing in building Unity assets and immersive VR experiences. “Their experiences with creating realistic item representations and interactive worlds make Zealous the perfect partner for this project” says PP360 CEO Joe Chotirawi. 

The first phase of the project will consist of virtual showrooms made to order for customers by PP360 and Zealous Interactive. Further plans include multiplayer functionality for interaction between shoppers and a designer portal for retailers to customize a showroom on their own. The first showrooms are in development now and will be released later in 2020.

About PP360
PP360 is a marketing communication agency providing expert solutions in a wide range of categories, including digital marketing, channel management, and sales enablement. Founded in 2016 by Joe Chotirawi, and based in Southern California, PP360’s guiding vision is to help manufacturers get their products to more people through the power of our online tools.