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Sales & Marketing

PP360’s Sales and Marketing solutions help you bring in new customers while more effectively managing your sales staff.

Lead Generation

We specialize in lead generation for B2B, utilizing various successful strategies to help you attract new business.
Email Marketing
Expand your customer outreach and with compelling email campaigns that win the inbox.
Paid Search
Strategic placement on search engines and social media help you get noticed wherever your customers are looking.
Online Tools
Savings calculators and virtual tours provide value to your customer while helping you build up your brand.

We help you grow your VAR Channel

Bring on new resellers with PP360
Find the Right Audience:
Give us your criteria for resellers and we’ll draw up a list of suitable businesses
Inform them about your Program:
From post cards to gamification campaigns, we offer a lot of options for getting the word out
Follow up with email or a phone call:
Once we get their interest, we can put you in touch to talk details
Sign them up digitally through DocuSign:
Onboard resellers quickly and easily without the need for an in-person meeting
Showreel for you


Gamification offers a number of advantages over conventional training and marketing methods.
Benefits includes:
  • Train Sales Professionals
  • Sales professionals dislike training because it takes up their valuable time. Short, 5-minute quizzes help salespeople learn quickly so they can get back to selling.
  • Brand Awareness
  • Marketing your company with a fun activity differentiates you from the competition while creating top-of-mind awareness.
  • Keep Your Audience Engaged
  • Training is usually boring, so learners rarely pay attention. Gamification uses fun to increase information retention.
  • Generate New Opportunities
  • Gamification campaigns help you gather contact information on large groups of interested prospects for your future use.
Web Management

Dynamic Content Development

Generate ready-made sales and marketing content in an instant with Dynamic Content Generation. With our system can plug your data into our system and have fresh content available immediately.

Marketing Automation

Responsive Communication 24/7

Engage new leads with timely and relevant emails without your team having to lift a finger.

The Right Message for the Right Person

Segmented contact lists and behavior-based automation personalize marketing based on the customer’s interests.

Never Forget a Birthday

Push off the mindless tasks of sending repetitive emails while still providing regular, meaningful interaction with every customer.

Effectiveness You Can Measure

Track the performance of every email and learn what’s working to make your next campaign even more successful.

Opportunity Registration is the most crucial part of your channel program

    The Opportunity Registration module from PP360 is powerful and flexible. It organizes, centralizes, and reports on all your sales opportunities, helping your partners protect their best leads.

A host of benefits for you and your partners

Improve your brand’s relationships with its resellers while gathering more insight into the indirect pipeline.
Avoid Channel Conflicts:
Maximize the efficiency of your channel and make sure your product isn’t competing against itself
Visibility on Upcoming Pipeline:
Deal registration keeps you in the know about the status of all pending sales
Streamline New Opportunities:
Manage quotas and allocate new leads to your sales reps more effectively
Total Transparency:
Partners, sales reps, and admins have full visibility on all opportunities with multiple verification methods to guard against fraud