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All Things Digital

PP360 offers a variety of digital services to support your sales and marketing teams. Whether you need to send out an email blast, build a cool landing page or overhaul your partner portal, PP360 can make it happen.

One Platform For All Your Sales and Marketing Needs

The ppthreesixty platform is a centralized marketing and sales platform that integrates sales and marketing communications into a single, easy-to-use system. It has several modules that are essential for inbound and outbound interaction. Our system is designed to provide your business with the support system you need to oversee your business–you can customize your website and run an e-commerce feature, while also managing a partner portal. Our software also has a module that will allow you to control marketing materials, as well as a module for leads management and support.
Faster Deployment Time
We move quickly. Our team can have your portal set up in just a few weeks.
Lower Development Costs
Using our powerful platform as the framework, we’re able to reduce the costs of setting up your website and partner portal.
100% Customization
Need a feature that our platform doesn’t offer yet? We can create custom tools, specific to your business, for a truly tailored solution.
Don’t Settle for More
Get everything you need and nothing that you don’t! Mix and match modules while only paying for what you use.

Custom App Development

We build apps for a variety of OS and purposes including:
Our product will speed up your work in creating your own presentations.
Interactive Kiosk
Retail displays providing customer support and advertising.
Digital Signage
Wayfinding, exhibiting and advertising powered by
Bright Sign OS.
Eye catching digital artwork and immersive experiences.
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Email Marketing

We design, deploy, and optimize your email for more effective campaigns.
Quick Turnaround Time
Our designers can deliver customized, hand-coded emails on a short deadline.
Large Email Distribution
Reach thousands of prospects per month with delivery to your entire contact list.

Landing Page & Sales Funnel

Capture Leads Through our Built-in Landing Pages
Fully Customizable
Highly modifiable templates help you generate personalized landing pages without hassle.
Easily Exportable Data
Seamless data sharing between your landing pages and 3rd party software.
Synchronize with Salesforce CRM
Transfer new leads to your sales team through Salesforce integration.

Drip Marketing

Drip marketing lets you tailor your messages to be directly applicable to your client based on timing and prior interactions. Using automated email from PP360, you can set up drip campaigns that effortlessly engage promising leads.
Easy and Painless
We set up and manage drip campaigns without your team having to lift a finger.
Increase ROI
Reach more people at a lower cost. Tracking and Analytics help to further optimize each campaign.

Digital Marketing PPC
Campaign Management

We help you get the most bang for your advertising buck with customized, cost-effective PPC campaigns across all platforms.
Get in front of more prospects with top ad placement for your most important keywords.
Social Media Marketing:
Create brand recognition with targeted Paid Social on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.
Bring attention to your videos and reach new audiences with targeted YouTube advertising.
Regrettably, we don’t offer web development services on any open-source platforms like Magento or WordPress. We do everything using our proprietary platform, which allows us to provide fully customized solutions for your business.